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Upper West Side

Upper West Side

The subject of many movies, books, musical and theatrical performances, the Upper West Side truly represents the heart of New York as one of the capitals of cultural, intellectual,artistic and historical bustle. Thanks to its prewar architecture, proximity to the Central Park, culturally diverse community and colorful social life, theUpper West Side indeed has the best of New York to offer.

One of the earliest settlements in New York, the Upper West Side has evolved from midrise brownstones of the early 20th century to make way for recent luxury residences that offer breathtaking views of the Central Park and much of the island of Manhattan. Because of the ease of access afforded by public transit, professionals working throughout the city have chosen to make theUpper West Side their homes.

The Upper West Side truly stands at a junction of the historical and the modern.The American Museum of Natural History, the Met Museum and Lincoln Center areamong many globally recognized cultural institutions that thrive in the vibrant neighborhood. The most reputable schools in the nation, such as Columbia and Fordham, share the neighborhood with historical churches and synagogues.Restaurants that serve creative cuisine from all over the world and bars that thrive well into the morning hours are sure to satiate the most discerning of gastronomes.  

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