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Also known as Hell's Kitchen, Clinton is a west side neighborhood in midtown Manhattan. Despite its gritty reputation in the past, gradual gentrification has transformed this area into a highly sought-after location, thanks to its central proximity to everything and recent real estate developments.

Due to its proximity to the Theater District, Clinton has always been a haven for aspiring actors, with many famous entertainers having lived in the neighborhood for some time. The neighborhood offers great entertainment. Some of the most-watched TV shows have studios in Clinton, as do a multitude of arts centers, orchestras and theater groups.The many ethnic restaurants that line Restaurant Row are usual participants of the annual International Food Festival held every May.

Recent real estate projects have materialized into luxury skyscrapers which offer breathtaking views of Manhattan and modern amenities for residents. Clinton today is comprised of new and old, new developments and Art Deco architecture to the brownstones and 19th century streetlights which make up of this neighborhood. Clinton offers its residents diverse entertainment and culinary experiences with its central location. 

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